Collection: Buttons For Buttons

Buttons for Buttons- $15 Each

A TNR Campaign

*Proceeds from each button goes towards the spay and neuter, vaccinations, food, and care for a feral cat colony in Morris, N.Y.

*Each Hand Blown Glass Button is made of crystal, made in Morris, N.Y. by, Crystal’s Customs:

Buttons Story:  On the coldest days of winter, Buttons had no food, water, or shelter.  Footprints in the snow circled my glass studio.  Whose cat is this? Realizing I could not look the other way, and allow this young cat to freeze and starve to death, a makeshift shelter was put into action.  Buttons has been eating plentiful, until her spay appointment in March, and has since brought three other friends. 

The Buttons for Buttons campaign will TNR, your Button matters!

Buttons for Buttons  We love animals! My future vision, if successful on a small scale, is to use my art, these buttons, as tokens to help other animal care facilities, and local pet food pantry’s in the surrounding areas.